Fueled as much by fan demand and fiscal expediencies as caffeine and diesel, the history of 24 Hour Cardlock reads like an episode of Movin’ On based loosely on the Old Testament.

First formed in Vancouver, BC in 2002, the band moved with its founder, Cabover Pete, to the very heart of the trucker genre--Omaha, Nebraska.  The band released their first album ("11 Hour Souls") in 2011, and since then has performed steadily (though maybe tipsily) in Omaha and Vancouver, including shows with bands from Clarence Tilton to Magma Melodier to Lloyd McCarter to Michael Lee Firkins.  The band was nominated for an Omaha Entertainment and Arts Award in the Roots/Americana category in 2018.

Cardlock's long-awaited follow-up album "Semi-Bi-Coastal" is in the final phases of production and set to release by June of 2018, fall of 2018, Christmas 2018, Valentine's day 2019MAY GODDAMN 4th 2019--honest.

Seriously, this really is Omaha's best trucker band.

24 Hour Cardlock