It has been said that a good band is greater than the sum of its parts. This kind of thing is made possible by lip-syncing and hiring other musicians to play on the albums. The exception that proves the rule, 24 Hour Cardlock has always been exactly as good as the sum of its parts. Luckily, it has lots of them.

Cabover Pete - vocals, guitar ♣ ♠

Ol' CP's the only one with enough gas to work both divisions. A former all-Alberta juvenile delinquent and potential long-haul trucker, Pete raised the money to buy his first guitar by scalping Immodium outside a Swiss Chalet in Red Deer, Alberta. From there, a career leading a band was inevitable. Often mistaken for a member of another local band, Pete lists his future ambition as "to be rendered unintelligible by soundmen who are being paid in beer."

Bojephus - bass, guitar ♠

Based on the soon-to-be-released major motion picture of the same name, Bojephus features a sound track by Joni Mitchell, Led Zepplin, and Hermann Kreutzer. When he's not purchasing or researching new bass equipment, Bojephus likes to relax by listening to Pete swear about things. Thanks to his resemblence to members of other local bands, Bojephus was the co-inventor of the first consumer-grade inflatable gewürztraminer.

Alka Bongo - Drums, guitar ♠

Al has a reputation for being a two-fisted sort of a fellow. This is handy, because he can hold a stick in each fist, and then use those to hit things, and this is exactly what the person at the back of a band usually does. Kismet? No thank you, he's more of a IPA with a brandy chaser kind of a guy. After five of those, Al looks a lot like two people in other bands.

La Bronca - guitar, bass, guitar ♠

You will like La Bronca. Seriously. It's just a lot less painful for everyone that way. She looks like someone in another band, but don't tell her that, or your ribs will never heal properly. Once scared something so bad that it ran away to the farthest corner of the planet and changed its DNA just so she wouldn't get mad at it. It didn't work. She's pretty choked about it.